How to Use Solar Power to Get Free Electricity

How to use solar power – We’ve used the sun’s heat and light in many ways to help us in our daily living.

One common way is using sun in drying clothes, that’s the power of the sun, others use the sun’s heat and light to change the color of their skin, so called tanning. And if you add a glass or magnifying glass, you can make a fire with the help of the sun. Of course there will be more of how to use solar power.

How to use solar power

There are different ways we can get free energy from the Sun and in these times, with high technologies just within our reach, we can now get free electricity from the sun. By means of Solar cells (called “photovoltaic”, “PV” or “photoelectric” cells) or widely known as solar panels if they are bigger, this converts light directly in electricity. This is what we learn about how to use solar power.

If you are using a calculator, you see that small rectangle at the top of your calculator, that’s a solar cell, it makes your calculator run even without batteries when there is light. This calculator shows use the simple example of how to use solar power.

how to use solar power

Today solar panels can be bought easily. A 5 watts solar panel can be used to light up to 3 LED bulbs depending on their wattage, there’s a 1.5 watt LED bulb, 2 watts, 3 watts and even higher. For home use, a watts bulb is already good enough in the bedroom, 3 watts in the living room, (but of course if you use the room constantly to read or do some school or office work you need a light with more wattage).

You can directly connect a 12V LED bulb to the solar panel, or you can use a controller, inverter (to convert the electricity into 220V), and a battery – the solar panel will charge the batteries. With the battery you can have that free electricity in the evening for the bulbs/lights.

In places where electricity is hard to acquire, Solar Power will be very helpful. It is easy to install, even newbies can install it, doesn’t need that much knowledge in electrical wirings or other electrical stuff. Diagrams on how to install it are very easy to follow.

As long as there’s light from the sun, you can always get free electricity. The bigger the wattage of your solar panels, the more free electricity you can get. It can even run some appliances on free electricity and saves money in the long run.

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