12 Ways How to Beat the Heat Efficiently

How to Beat the Heat Efficiently – As we head into the warmer months in South Florida, West Palm Beach businesses face an annual challenge – keeping electric costs down despite increased air conditioning usage. For many people especially workers, some solutions about how to beat the heat is an essential thing to do first. We can’t concentrate fully on our work if we can’t deal with the heat.

how to beat the heat

How to Beat the Heat Efficiently

But you and your employees can keep cool this spring and summer, and save up to 30% in electricity costs per year simply by following these no- and low-cost solutions:

  1. When using your air conditioning, make sure your doors and windows are closed.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat and set it at 78 degrees or more.
  3. Allow your employees to dress appropriately casual.
  4. Caulk and weather strip any leaks around your office windows, doors, and other gap spaces.
  5. Clear any obstructions from air vents.
  6. Close the blinds on windows that receive direct sunlight and after work and on weekends.
  7. Install window film to reduce solar heat gain.
  8. Shade east, south and west facing windows and walls.
  9. Shade HVAC equipment with awnings and/or native shade trees or shrubs.
  10. Paint your roof reflective white.
  11. Use a ceiling fan. It uses 98% less energy than an air conditioner and you’ll feel up to 6 degrees cooler.
  12. Perform regular maintenance on your A/C system. Or, if you lease your facility, ask the building owner or property manager to do so. Filters should be cleaned or changed every 2-4 months. Also check for any leaks and make sure your evaporator coil and air ducts are clean.

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